Whether you believe in each and every nuance of homeopathy and holistic healing is irrelevant when compared to the trove of information detailed in this book. With an easy-to-use format and laid out like an encyclopedia, this Complete Holistic Care and Healing for Horses by Mary Brennan, DVM, has proven an invaluable reference and helpful guide for various treatments and maintenance of equine maladies and temperaments using everything from herbal treatments, aromatherapy, Bach Flowers, and whatever else your holistic-mindedness can yearn for.

Obviously, you want to call a vet in emergency situations and Brennan’ll be the first to tell you that it’s not meant to replace or substitute a veterinary professional, but this book is packed with alternative therapies that can be much safer for long term treatments than many prescribed medications as well as provide excellent ideas for soothing “little” things like, for one, anxiety which can manifest into stable vices and heightened reactivity. There’s a holistic remedy for that, too.

Again, talk to your vet first for treatment of serious conditions or long-term treatments, but I will admit that this was the book that helped me work out a long-term maintenance for the treatment of acute uveitis (which I had discussed with my vet who shrugged it off but said it was worth a shot), and you know what? It went away. Uveitis. Bam. Gone.

Am I biased, then? Of course. But a lot can be said of results like that. Isolated case or not, whatever your concern is, this book’ll have an idea for you.


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