When I call upon what words I could possibly use to do this book justice, I can find only: This was one of the most influential equestrian books I have ever read.

Granted, it was one of the first books on training philosophies I’d read, so much like how Lord of the Rings will forever be the greatest fantasy series in existence in my eyes, so too will this remain in the highest echelons of my admiration and respect.

Loch speaks with such passion for respect of the nobility and individuality of horses. While it is more a philosophical approach than manual, much can be said of this as a guide to change our perspectives from one of dominance and “being the boss” to that of a deserving partner.

Dressage, while a discipline in its own right, by definition is “training” – simple as that, and The Classical Rider is an impactful, inspiring eye-opener into finding the art at the core of riding, finding respect and duality in our “dances”, and highlighting the essences that make riding this hobby of riding into an artistic, and even spiritually fulfilling endeavour.

Full of beautiful illustrations and images to punctuate her message, as well as inspiring passages from her own equestrian inspirations, this is an excellent book for anyone who has ever expressed interest in dressage.

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