It’s been one month into the trial and yet even after one week I could have had a lot to say. Mainly, that this product is actually quite amazing.

I regret not taking before and after pictures, but Mr. P’s hooves were so shameful it was… better left in the past. And that just goes to show how the right kind of moisturizer goes a long way!

I began applying this three times a week, Mon, Wed and Fri, to try and bear out the dry season and after ONE WEEK the cracks in the hoof wall were not only less visible, but had stopped spreading, and nothing new was cracking or peeling.

After his latest trim, his bare feet held up with no new cracks or sections of wall being peeled up. I couldn’t believe it. I am no longer ashamed to photograph his feet. Behold!

Fiske’s Hoof and Hide Balm has proven to be an excellent moisturizer! It’s liquidy enough that it’s easy to dampen the applicator brush without an unruly, sticky mess, doesn’t stay up under that “out of reach” area at the top of the container, but absorbs quick enough that a generous application soaks into the hoof wall well before it can trickle off his toes. (And don’t be fooled by the wet spots on the floor in the pic – that’s just water.)

Additionally, the cracks that had gone up the hoof wall had become significantly less noticeable, and, more importantly, had stopped spreading. You can see a toe crack on his front left hoof (our right) which had been a cause for concern before I started using Fiske’s, but now has actually ceased its ascent and is simply growing out.

I HIGHLY recommend this product! I even looked up the product page for it so you can revel in all it’s magical, 100% natural and safe glories.



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  1. Excellent product my horse had serve slag marks from barb wire ,It cleared it up in days .Hes had abcess in both fronts used this product excellent results also his soles had thin sorted him .Mud fever it sorted .

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