Such a hiatus!! (I know. I’m sorry.) But fantastic news!!!

You can find my latest article published in this April’s issue of Horse Sport!

In this article, I’ll talk you through some of my favourite warm-up exercises that really inspire each horse I’ve tried these with to gather himself, develop better balance, and engage that powerhouse in their hindquarters.

They are great gymnastic exercises that contribute to overall athleticism and enhance attention span through keeping the work interesting. These easy but effective techniques will enable you to accomplish more with your warm-ups through shorter, more focused work and develop communication and problem-solving skills

It’s so exciting to be able to share my writing and reach an audience through such a respected publication. I’ve read Horse Sport since my Pony Club days as a kid, and have always enjoyed the trove of insights and articles through the years! I’m so grateful to be a part of that now!

So THANK YOU to all of you who visit each day (yes, you!) and I hope you grab a copy from your local tack shop (page 44) or read it online right here!

Feel free to comment here or send me a message letting me know how those exercises were for you and your horse.

Alternately, if you had any difficulties, don’t hesitate to ask questions and I’d be happy to do my best to address them.

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