The initial session for your horse will begin with a basic assessment. I will ask you a few questions about the type of work your horse does, and his/her history including any past or current health concerns or injuries, or if you have any specific difficulties while riding or handling that causes resistance or tension.

I take my time with every horse to introduce myself, and get acquainted with a basic physical assessment, getting a feel for where she is comfortable, and where he is sore. I may check range of movement through various joints and muscle groups to glean a better idea of where tension exists, and which areas are due extra care, and employ the most appropriate massage and bodywork techniques for each individual horse.

Sessions are generally between one and two hours in duration.


“Today I rode Parachute for the first time after you massaged him. He was very willing to move forward, his mouth was softer, I could feel his body more relaxed. It was a great feeling ride. Thank you!” – Lesley, R.V.T.

woman kissing horse