When Every Day is Better

I have been so incredibly jazzed by Mr. P’s progress lately, I can’t even contain myself. To think that, 8 months ago, he was as much a stick of lit dynamite as he was a horse, scared to go near a mounting block, didn’t know what cross-ties were, was afraid to be afraid, where now? He is an absolute gentleman to be groomed, tacked up, and stands quietly, tied or not, in the barn; stands quietly to be mounted (albeit on the “off”-side, but it works!); he’s going calmly and steady w/t/c under saddle and can STEER at the walk and trot!! We’ve been doing trot poles in all manners of configurations and he LOVES them. We started canter circles last week and he didn’t break. He has now mastered the turn on the forehand in BOTH directions… I am absolutely FLOORED.

It has been quite the journey, I tell you, and while my initial intention was to keep a better journal as we went along, (I mostly did, on paper), I can at least look back on what worked and how we got where we are.

He is a different horse, and yet has all the same child-like wonder and personality as he always did – but now with confidence and calm, and I am so proud of him!

When Every Day is Better
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