due for a makeover – “whole horse” got re-shod

Terrible play on words aside, it was time.

I decided to revamp this wee project with a name I thought up when I was maybe 16. For better or worse, it remains to be seen, but a name is just a name. (“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet!” you get the idea) And yet… sometimes one name can better reflect an idea or ambition than another.

So here we are!

Whole Horse has been reborn as Equicessities! I’m kind of excited.

Besides, “whole horse” was selected more on the basis that is was the only one of the many URLs I’d tried that wasn’t already taken…. So at least Equicessities is something a little more special. (To me, at least.)

The weekend brought on playing around with a new theme, new scheme, and soon, well…. you’ll see.

But I’m excited.

You should be too! ;D

due for a makeover – “whole horse” got re-shod
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