Tack Sales, Books, and Making it Official, oh my!

This has been a particularly crazy-awesome week of buying presents for Mr. P, since after last week’s new development….. It’s official. I am actually adopting him. It’s such a cool, awesome, terrifying, crushing and inspiring reality that I will actually be owning my own horse again… I, of course, use those specific words loosely as I feel that our relationship is more about a casual mutual amity than any sort of formal dominion. I’ll get bucked off if I start talking like that. But more to the point: it’s super exciting.

And terrifying. Having grown-up responsibilities is always pretty scary to adjust to.


So I eased the transition by going out and dumping a paycheque on presents for him. It seemed like the thing to do.

On the plus side, he now has a rain sheet in his size, TWO leather turnout halters (one I managed to nab for free at a tack swap, even before I bought over $50 worth of books and Christmas presents from the same vendor), and a neoprene dressage girth. Have you ever tried one of these? I haven’t, but I’ve never had a horse with such delicate skin before, so I’m hoping that this will be gentler on him than my existing girth with cover.

I digress.

I also tried a new saddle on him, but thanks to his giraffe/ski-hill like spinal conformation, I need something with a lot more withers clearance. It’s funny, y’know? I went from rolly-polly morgans that felt like plushy barrels bare-back to straddling the Spine of the World (nerd reference there. Any Eye of the World readers?).

I digress again. ADD.

Sooo also thanks to all the super duper used books at the Tack Swap, I now have more for the collection, and thus more for upcoming book reviews. It’s especially exciting because I have been eye-balling and pining for two of those four for YEARS. And now, at last, I can read them. YAY!

I am also looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and continuing a sort-of series for Ride With Your Seat, to build upon the initial post. This oughtta be a good week! 🙂

Tack Sales, Books, and Making it Official, oh my!
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