Whether your dressage partner is a schoolmaster or a greenie, this book is an awesome reference to keep variety in your schooling sessions.

After a brief introduction, Kohl takes you right into easy-to-follow, progressive schooling routines that each target specific goals – transitions, bending, use of corners, impulsion, etc – to develop your horse naturally, each exercise building on the last. Each pattern is colour-coded and mapped out on an arena diagram with instructions, what to focus on, and how to correct any resistance or struggles that may arise.

For the less experienced horse or rider, you can start at the beginning and work your way through in developmental progression, or for the more experienced horse, flick through the pages and see what inspires you.

It is such a wonderful book to keep at the barn so you can use it as a quick reference for some fresh ideas before you saddle up.

Highly recommended!

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